Generations’, a project done by us, was organized with the view of celebrating World Children’s and Elders day. The specialty of this project was the fact that both world children’s day and elders day was celebrated together. It was held at S.S. Marian John Senior Home Pita Kotte. The morning started with an opening prayer, boosting up the energy of the young as well old souls. After the blessings we proceeded on to the singing session where sheets of printed papers were distributed among the crowd. Songs were selected by the knowledge gathered through the many visits which was done before the day of the project. The songs thus selected were greatly enjoyed by the elders as it was proved by them engaging and dancing with us. Many games were organized with the objective of breaking the ice among us where the willingness of many elders as well as children was seen. There was also a session organized to bring out the child within all of us, where we danced and sang to many children’s songs which was definitely the fun bit of the project.


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