“Bond is stronger than blood. The family grows stronger by bond.”

With the objective of celebrating not only freedom but also peace prosperity and love, various Leos of the country namely Leo Club of Polgasowita, Leo Club of University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Leo Clubs of Wattala, Leo Club of Colombo Knights and Leo Club of Colombo Circle got together on the 4th of February to celebrate the 72nd independence day of our motherland, reorganizing the continuous project, “HOPE”

The first stop of the day was the visit to Dewataga Jumma Mosque, where us Leos took an interest in learning the principles and understanding the teachings which were clarified by the preacher. We were treated well with the serving of snacks and we dispersed happily to our next destination.

Our next destination for the day was The Vajiraramaya Temple where we took part in arranging the items necessary for the Bodhi Pooja. As we learnt about Lord Buddha’s teachings and the importance of religious reconciliation we also received the appreciation of the other devotees who were at the temple, enabling us to pass a message onto a larger audience regarding religious harmonization and unity.

Next we visited the St. Anthonys Church Bambalapitiya where we were welcomed with open hands by the vicar, where he taught us what Christianity is all about and also the rituals of the church. Our efforts of going an extra mile were definitely praised.

Our last destination was the Sri Vajira Pillayar Hindu Kovil in Bambalapitiya. For most of us leos it was the first time visiting it. We took part in the pooja and were blessed by the swamis. Again we were praised for stepping up towards creating a bond among all the religious groups and for promoting peace and prosperity among the Sri Lankans.

Overall, learning about different cultures helped us understand ourselves. Through this project we were able to promote peace, prosperity and love and not forgetting the fact that we were able to create strong bonds with members of different clubs.



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