With the objective of generating awareness about Cancer among parents and children, Leos of Polgasowita took an initiative to create leaflets which includes basic information that adults and kids have to be aware of these days. The leaflets thus prepared were distributed among the nurseries in the community with the objective of educating parents with the importance of early detection of childhood cancer.

Little Warriors was held on the 5th of December 2019 at the play house of Apeksha Hospital Maharagama. We started off with an origami session where a booklet containing instructions on how to create various creative origami, were distributed among every child, where we demonstrated them on how to make different creative objects such as flowers and different animals by folding papers. The main purpose of conducting this origami session was to distract the kids, to free their minds and to let them enjoy the moment. Also we conducted an art session where we drew various colorful pictures with them. Without any age barrier, all kids started to draw various colorful drawings which indeed showcased their amazing artistic skills.

To break the ice, we decided to play a game of cricket where the kids definitely enjoyed a lot, but due to various medical reasons we couldn’t continue playing for a long time. But instead we had fun talking to them and getting to know them as well as their beloved parents. At the end of the project we distributed biscuit packets as well as soft toys as a token to remember us and our visit.


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