Sustainable Tomorrow



If you look closer you will find yourself looking mainly at items made of paper; your notebooks to novels, greeting cards to business cards and even the piece of tissue in your garbage can are all paper products. It’s quite difficult to even fathom the thought of life without paper. Relaxing and reading the newspaper with walls plastered with beautifully coloured and aesthetically pleasing wallpaper. The invention of paper dates all the way back to the 105 B.C in China. Over time, the process evolved in the 19th century to make paper from trees, where the raw wood has to be turned to pulp.

Though paper is something we humans have grown accustomed to, paper also does one more thing, the production of paper is cutting down millions of trees across the globe. In the modern society, with the increasing rate of ozone depletion, it is very important to protect the environment we live in.

The urge to make a safer atmosphere for the future generations to come has to be yet another human need, but focusing on our basic needs at present and being selfish with only enjoying the life we live in now is what is happening.

Are you aware that the manufacturing of paper has a negative effect on the environment? And industry responsible of cutting down millions of trees yet not a single tree planted for every tree cut? As people we can step forward for a positive change as we recycle the already made paper whilst planting two trees per every tree cut. Even energy consumption can be reduced through recycling of papers. According to research done, 64% of energy is reduced through recycling. Do you know that recycling of 1 Ton of paper saves about 400kwh of electricity?. We as humans have the responsibility of slowly clearing out our carbon footprint. It is truly unbelievable the large amounts of greenhouse gases emitted to this earths atmosphere and yet no understanding on simple changes we can do to differ our lifestyles. During photosynthesis the tree breathes, it inhales carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen. As a tree matures, it consumes up-to 22 kg’s of carbon dioxide annually and hence release oxygen fit for an individual to survive for 2 whole years.

Are you doing your part? Recycling every bit of paper and reusing as much as you can, planting a tree at every opportunity you get? Our future is in our hands.

Recycling is a small step by humans to save the environment. But it is a small step which is crucial for the long run!

Sustainable Tomorrow is a awareness campaign done by Leos’ of Polgasowita with hope of bringing a main issue focused on deforestation and wastage of paper to the light. An email campaign along with social media awareness was done as the first phase of this project in the month of March 2020.


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